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About Donation to MPlayerX

Recently, many users emailed me about their failure of donation to MPlayerX.

I have conneted to the customer support of Paypal and their answer is

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, Japanese account user can’t use their account to send donation to any accounts, if you want to use your Japanese account to receive the donation, your account and your group certification will be checked.

Please click the link for solution.

Although I did successfully received the donation for almost 1 year, this year it got banned.

I have made a alternative solution, a BUY button, which you could see in the homepage now. But I’m not sure it is working, since I didn’t test it.

If it is still not working you could drop me a message, or just ignore it. I already appreciate your willingness.

How ironic it is, the fist post of the FREE software blog is about MONEY.

The development of MPlayerX has slown down for almost half a year. I was super busy in my job. Hope I could speed up shortly.

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