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Call MPlayerX Thru Script

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MPlayerX supports Shell script command line and AppleScript as its integration to the OS.

  • For Shell script


In, the command looks like
open -a /path/to/ --args -name1 value1 -name2 value2 ...

Besides the names in the table below, the strings declared in this file could also be used as name.

name value
url the url of the media
file the path of the media file
A real world example
open -a /Applications/ --args -file /Movies/myfavorite.mp4 -volume 50 -StartByFullScreen YES
  • For AppleScript

MPlayerX just started to support AppleScript in 1.0.17, its implementation still stays in primary status.

Usually you could use AppleScript Editor to look up all the functions provided by MPlayerX, for geeks, the source code is here.