No More Than Nothing

Some Progress on MPlayerX

Last year was a tremendous year for me, my first kid was given birth ( actually I’d rather say MPX is my first child :)), work made me busier and busier, I was never happier and busier than before.

Taking a look back, the only down thing is that I didn’t have much time on making much progress on my “first child” as before, even I didn’t have much time to enjoy my best favorite movies. The only one I didn’t miss is Interstellar, which gave me 3 hours peace and enjoyment in mind.

I was hesitating once, as seeing more and more people are now spending more and more time on their iPhones and Androids, I wondered how much it is still meaningful to make progress on the desktop application. Until one day, I captured my kid by HandyCam, edited it and played it on TV, and the other day, I waited for minutes to see the video in youtube, and another day, I found I need to analyze a video frame by frame… I found mobile phone is still not that powerful and versatile to accomplish such tasks. I knew I need to continue my efforts on MPlayerX to keep the wonderful user experience that my iPhone could not.

Now I have made 50+ patches, make MPlayerX more adoptable to Yosemite, fix several bugs, upgrading the new core to support https and latest protocol of youtube. Hope I could release it before 10.11 is coming.

The other thing is that, MPlayerX will start to utilize the installer to fulfil monetization. I knew it may bring many negative comments, but honestly it is the best way to keep the developer motivated. For anyone who cares about this, please check the installer and make sure only install MPX, then it should be no difference with the old way.