No More Than Nothing

Hidden Settings of MPlayerX

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Some users want more settings, some users want more simplicity.

I think exposing all the settings in the software and stacking them to the GUI is a bad choice. Not only complicating the GUI is bad, making users make the unimportant choice is even worse.

Well, this is my choice of design.

For who does want some feature which is not available in GUI, you may find it here.

  • Usage:

In, type the following
cd ~/Library/Preferences
defaults write org.niltsh.MPlayerX Name -type Value
  • Name, type, Value

Name type default value comment available from
SpeedStepIncre float 0.1 when changing the speed in the accessary control(the TextField), the increment value when press ↑↓ unknown
SubDelayStepTime float 0.1 similar with SpeedStepTime, the time in seconds unknown
AudioDelayStepTime float 0.1 similar with SpeedStepTime, the time in seconds unknown
SubScaleStepValue float 0.1 similar with SpeedStepTime, it is rational to set this value within 0-1 unknown
SeekStepTimeL float -10 when use ← to backward, the jump time in seconds unknown
SeekStepTimeR float 10 when use → to forward, the jump time in seconds unknown
SeekStepTimeU float 60 when use ↑ to forward, the jump time in seconds unknown
SeekStepTimeB float -60 when use ↓ to backward, the jump time in seconds unknown
VolumeStep float 10 when use =/- or menu to increase/decrease the volume, the increment value(should be within 0-100) unknown
SnapshotSavePath string (internal value) if you don’t want to save the snapshot pics into your ~/Pictures, the Full Path of the folder where you want to save it unknown
HideTitlebar boolean NO always hide titlebar even the mouse is hovering on the window unknown
LogMode boolean NO output logs to console unknown
Prefer64bitMPlayer boolean YES try to use 64bit mplayer, even with YES, this will fallback to NO, if you have a 32bit CPU unknown
CloseOnStopped boolean YES When playback finished, whether to close the player window unknown
SubBorderWidth integer 2 border width of the subtitle unknown
CloseWndOnEsc boolean NO close window when pressing escape unknown
PlayWhenEnterFullScrn boolean NO auto resume when entering full screen if paused unknown
SupportAppleRemote boolean YES Support Apple Remote (Remote Buddy users may want to disable this) unknown
AssSubMarginV integer 12 the position of Subtitle from bottom, in pixels unknown
ResizeControlBar boolean YES let the control bar autoresizing with window, or keep it unchanged unknown
InitialFrameSizeRatio float 1.0 the initial frame size ratio when opening a video unknown
DisableLastStopBookmark boolean NO disable the last stopped time completely unknown
ResizeStep float 0.1 the ratio when stepping up/down window size unknown
OldFullScreenMethod boolean NO the old style of full screen animation(only for Lion) 1.0.9
ClickTogPlayPause boolean NO single click to toggle play/pause 1.0.11
ARMenuKeyTogTimeDisp boolean NO AppleRemote menu key to toggle the elapse/remaining time 1.0.11
FFPThreshRatio float 1.8 the threshold to judge pinch is happening with 4 fingers 1.0.11
PauseShowTime boolean NO Show current time when paused 1.0.14
ControlUIDetectMouseExit boolean YES Hide control bar immediately when it exit from player window 1.0.14
EnableHWAccel2 boolean YES Enable Hardware Accelerated Decoding 1.0.17
AutoPauseWhenMiniaturized boolean NO Pause automatically when minimized 1.0.22
CorePartialUpdate boolean NO Enable MPlayerX to update the player core only. 1.1.0
YosemiteOldUITitlebar boolean NO Bring back the old style of Titlebar in 10.10 1.1.0
YosemiteOldUIControl boolean NO Bring back the old style of control Scrubber in 10.10 1.1.0
YosemiteOldZoomButton boolean YES Use the old style zoom button in 10.10 1.1.0
LessDisturbWhenNonKey boolean YES Do not show up the control scrubber even cursor hovers on the window, if player window is not activated 1.1.0
AsyncRenderMode Integer 0 0: Auto mode, 1:ON enforce. From EI Capitan, MPX will start to use asynchronized render mode. For older OS version, you could set this entry to 1 to use the async mode too, in the price of trivial increment of power consumption. Please note, I didn't test this mode in other OS, only EI Capitan. 1.1.1
SpeedSettingMode Integer 1 0: Always reset spped to 1.0 when opening a new file. 1: Reset the speed to 1.0 when MPX could not Auto Play Next. 2: Keep the speed until MPX exits. 3: Keep the speed setting value always. 1.1.3